Welcome to my humble site!



I created this website to share my hobby, my love, my passion and interest....not just sports but PIGEON RACING!


I am Mhon Sta. Ana, from Mandaluyong City, Philippines.  I started this hobby in 2006.  First, I only bred pigeons for street fighting; it was more on betting rather than a hobby. I used to buy my pigeons from Arranque, located at Recto, Manila; this place is very famous before. You can find there almost all kinds of pets: ducks, chicks, birds, snakes, turtles and most of all our FEATHERED friend...the RACING PIGEONS.


It was during the 1st quarter of 2006, when I started to love this hobby. I was introduced to some fancier at the NFPF club, located in our place at Gen Kalentong Street, Mandaluyong City. I remembered the very first bet I had, my first Php500 bucks to a fancier: Miyong Albia; he was a friend of my childhood friend. The race is located somewhere in LUZON; unfortunately, we lost...from there on, I felt that my heart is burning with desire to join them in this hobby.


My mentor, Bong Seperidad (PFC/EPFC/PPBC) introduced to me the Basic of Pigeon Racing. He instructed me to load in the truck all my racers which I bought from Arranque; then asked me what are the things that I should do before and after loading. I was so confused because I really don’t know what to do, but patiently he taught me the basic preparation that is needed to be done. BongS always persuade me to join the race because I might be lucky if I will be the only one who will send home my racers.


The farthest place that my pigeons were raced during that time is at Rosario La Union, where I lost almost my entire racers'; the only one that was left was my hen "ONESIXEIGHT" whom I love so much, because she has this "sentimental" value.


By mid 2006, he told me to join the Eastern Pigeon Fancier Club (Mandaluyong City) and asked me to purchase at least 10 bands where he will give it to his friends, in return, they will give me a young bird that I will test in the north race. Unfortunately, no one from my racers’ that was given to me as gift managed to come home. With this condition, it helped me to test my skills and system: though I am not familiar what a “system" really is. From there, my mentor, BongS introduced to me the Basic of the System; some information I got from reading books and surfing the internet, and the others are from those people that I met along the way: Onnie, NelsonE (bakloy) and PIFERS brothers.


In the last quarter of 2006, I met another Bong (3k Loft); he sold to me his pigeons: 12 flyers and 3 breeders. The three breeders are now my foundation but all the flyers were gone. I managed to send three ALLEN SAMAR finishers: Robin, Banjo and Tick Eye. I posted their pics at the gallery portion, including their achievements as well.


Before, my goal was just to send home my racers' and to finish the races.... no more no less! But now, I want more...not just Finishers’ but CHAMPIONS!  I want to breed the CHAMPIONS of the new generations of RACING PIGEONS. 

I will now call this...

            SEASCAPE’s LOFT ...


    a HOME of Champions ...

    a HOME for SEA ESCAPER’s...



            WELCOME TO

         SEASCAPE’s LOFT!




Note: I will gladly appreciate if you could leave comment, suggestion or request on my COMMENT BOOK.

Current Affiliations:


  • PiFers International (an organization of Filipino pigeon fanciers wordlwide)
  • Sports & Hobbies (an inet forum whose interest is to provide knowledge and educate newbies' in the hobby)
  • EPFC (Eastern Pigeon Fanciers Club - based in Mandaluyong City, Philippines)
  • PFC (Philippine Colombophil Fanciers) - one of the top and prestigious club in the Philippines.

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