Its been quite a while thAT I did not post any from my website. Ive been very busy in my review for CPA board exam.....In this column I will post the update of my North EPFC Race.


Seascapesloft home of Champions!





September 17 Friday - Stamping/Registration. I was left with only 5 yb's and 2 OB from my team. Included from my OB is "PHANTOM" EPFC 08-81640 my superset winner and Aparri Finisher.


Goodluck, first race is Balaoan, La Union.


1st Lap Balaoan La Union

As expected it was indeed a HARD RACE there were only 600+ birds left from the original 1600+ entries. I only left with 2 super set live and 1 OB....Primero.