May 23, 2009

EPFC Summer Fun Race will start this 24th of May 2009. The first race is in Calaug Quezon, which 152 km more or less from my loft. This is a three lap race. Last lap is  Ragay Camarines Sur, in Bicol. This is a tag team have to send two birds or a combination of two or more. My original entry is my Del Gallego Princess and Disgrasya. Unfortunately, Del Gallego Princess comes home from training with a big wound on her chest. It required 10 stitches to close the wound; which leaves me no choice but to partner DISGRASYA to RAGAY (EPFC 08-82334) instead.

May 24, 2009


There are 221 partipants in EPFC Summer Race. My entries arrived at 10:21 on my clock; one (EPFC 08-83229) coming from Manila area and the other (EPFC 08-83234) from Antipolo, Rizal. Unfortunately, "RAGAY" did not enter the loft immediately; instead she stood at the merlaco post and does some routine before entering the loft. She ate for almost 8mins outside the loft. The result: she placed 52nd while "DISGRASYA" placed 16th on that race. Unofficially, they are 6th place Over All in the tag team.


Let's see what will happen on the next race. Watch out on May 31, 2009, Del Gallego's race.

May 31, 2009



It is very dark outside, clouds are moving very rapidly...liberation is at Del Gallego Camarines Sur. It is more or less 280km away from my loft. The birds were released exactly 7am, as expected it is indeed a SMASH RACE.


ETA is 9:20 but is is already 9:30 and there is no trace of any pigeon flying from the south direction. I was already tired, confused yet excited. I have with me a bottle of San Mig light just to ease the tension that is covering my entire body. After 40 mins of waiting I saw my "DISGRASYA" again coming from Manila. There was no trace of hard race, she's very cool, she did not even bothered to drink... Whew! I told her c'mon get inside! But it took her I think 4 mins before she went inside the loft. It's good that she still manages to place 2nd; again another achivement from this excellent bird!


But unfortunately there is no trace of "Ragay". I kept on praying that my "RAGAY" would come home quickly coz it is almost an hour before cut off...but it did not happened. They are my only team, my only entry in this tag team race. All the happiness that I felt when Disgrasya went back suddenly disappeared...I was out of the race...My dream was gone...the hardwork of Disgrasya was turned into a waste. The only consideration is I have won the bet...but its all money no prestige!


At the end of the day I told to my self that I shouldn't  blame "RAGAY", I don't know what happened to her and this is a smash race...I just prayed that she will come back to me... I don't want to lose her...this is a lesson that I learned: " do not put too much pressure on your feathered friend ". I will always remember that no matter what. 


June 7, 2009

There are only 15 tag teams left. The only option left for me to win is for these 15 teams not to clocked. Unfortunately the weather is very  cooperative to them. After almost a week of RAIN the SUN finally comes out smiling whew! I told to my self this time I am finally out.


My Disgrasya comes 4th in clocking, she is very consistent. 16th in Calauag,2nd in Del Gallego now 4th in Ragay. if this happens to be an individual race she has a big chance to become the champion.


Ragay on the other hand is consistent too, again she is cut off. The difference between a long distance bird versus a sprinter.